Equilib Protocol Health Data Report For: Jacob H.

Note: This is the second ASD child to be able to discontinue Equilib after showing strong improvement and still maintaining gains (at least for now).

3.18.2005 DG  Permission granted by Mom to send info to all Drs Mar 18 05 12:15 PM EST. PDD-NOS,   Asthma, bruxism, carb cravings, difficulty falling asleep, eczema.


4.8.2005 DG   Teacher reports participant was asked to go to the bathroom for the first time. Seems to be showing increased language use for other than personal needs since starting Equilib.


7.7.2005 DG   Asthma, bruxism, further carb cravings, difficulties falling asleep, and eczema are all now in remission.


10.25.2005 DG   Mom reports that the participant is doing remarkably well dealing with the loss of two teachers and now having a string of temp teachers. In the past, he simply couldn’t have dealt with this degree of constant change.


2.3.2005 DG  Participant appears to be the second ASD child to respond well to Equilib and then be able to taper down to zero and still maintain gains. Will continue long-term tracking to assess how long this lasts. The child may need some Equilib as he approaches puberty with its increased metabolic demands.