Equilib Protocol Health Data Report For: Jordyn

7.7.2008 DG   Permission granted by Mom to send info to listed, July 7’08 @ 2:46 PM EST. Pre-existing additional conditions: Partially verbal. Tendency to diarrhea, difficulty falling asleep-3-90 min, middle of the night waking at times and overactive bladder.

Post start victory Notes: “July 31st – started printing (labeling) the drawings on the drawing board on his own. Previously we have held the pen and he has moved our hands to spell out stuff (cat, dog, elephant, etc.) now he is printing them on his own (with very little assistance). Also, purchased Mediconsult Pulsed Magnetic Resonance Stimulation Mat today. Hired 2 new people to work in our ___ Program for Jordyn. He may become more   rigid until he gets into the routine of things with the new folks.” August 2nd – Jordyn called Mommy by name when I pointed to myself and then I asked him who ___ was (pointing to  ___) and he said Daddy.


8.21.2008 DG  8/11Solid bowel movement this morning. Also, was OK with being in public washroom and having toilet flushed (usually wants out before it flushed — as noise is unpredictable…this has been one of his last noise sensitivities … We’ll have to test the hand dryer :)). “8/12 & 8/13 diarrhea (aka very loose bowels a couple of times in day) also started to feed mommy at dinner, helps me with my fork and brings up to my mouth… He  spontaneously created the game.” 8/14 mommy gone, bad diarrhea during day, drank lots but did not pee much, making funny faces, ate Casaba Melon for first time 8/15 mommy away, frustrated with little things that normally don’t bother him, very oral, lots of biting and squeezing, whining, rash on inside of legs 8/16 mommy away, not normal self,  uninterested in “fun things”, somewhat lethargic, bad diarrhea at night 21.8.08 Mom notes that he is now a very happy little boy again. She believes the bowel problems were caused by trying a new type of melon, compounded by her being away for a few days.

8.25.2008 DG Victory Notes: 8/17 – Mommy still away, Bad diarrhea in the morning, then back to himself a   bit, more responsive 8/18 – mommy returns in the afternoon, J happy all day different boy than Friday. 8/19 – mommy home, happy camper, still quite oral, exhibiting more peripheral flexibility but still very plugged in if order of things changes in his drawings, B12 shot tonight (1 day late) 8/20 – Mr. Energy boy, very happy. 8/21 – still being quite oral, flexible no problems with new workers, nice solid stools in morning then diarrhea in evening, back off to 4 capsules tomorrow, may have raised both things at same time… Not good. 8/22 –     still quite oral, back to diarrhea, back off on MRS, asking for things spontaneously rather than gestures and “help” or “mango” in a rote nature. Using “book”, “cards”, “mango”,   “burger”, “drink”, “juice” appropriately to request what he wants. HUGE DEAL! 8/23 – on the road longer than expected, didn’t take 3rd drink w Equilib in it, still a little diarrhea.  Still very oral.

9.22.2008 DG  Victory & Other Notes: 9/1 – added chlorella, Adamite, and NAC 9/2 – ate lots of Craisins and some dehydrated corn… No notable adverse effects 9/3 – ate corn tortilla chips… No notable adverse effects 9/4 – ate tortilla chips and got into “cinnamon crunch cereal” (full of gluten). Given his IgG allergy could have been a big deal. He didn’t seem to go too much     “foggier”, just a little into himself.